Soundcraft Ui24 and Matrix Use As A DJ

Jun 3, 2024 | Gear

What Is the Matrix?

When I purchased the Ui24R, one feature was very appealing for my use and that was the Matrix feature. But what is the Matrix? Well no one can be told what The Matrix is…

Well that is not quite true. Let’s deep dive into what the Matrix is, in relation to this great digital mixer, and how I leverage it in my setup.

Why Matrix?

Simply put, Matrix allows you to control auxiliary channels with your master strip. This would mean as you trim the gain on a channel, all Matrix channels act in concert with your master strip. But why would you want to do this?

Would you want to have to adjust the gain of 2, 3, or more individual auxiliary channels while you are live mixing? This means going into each auxiliary channel, and adjusting each input on each auxiliary channel? For me that is a no.

This became a great feature because I use my auxes to broadcast out to my In Ear Monitors, and they can go quite far, and I wanted to make sure I had control in parallel for this. But I found it gave me some advanced control for my main speakers as well.

Why Use On Matrix Channel When You Can Use Four!!

But why? That is what the master out is for, right?

Well yes, and no. The problem with relying on the master out for your main output is that your master controls it all. And there are many times I may want my mains going hard while the IEMs are playing second fiddle, or maybe I want to quiet down my mains when cocktail is going on and my remote speakers are doing the heavy lifting.

Now I can keep my master at 0db and also ensure that my recording of my final mix is always set to 0db. Super conveninet!

So let’s count of, I have one dedicated to my In Ear Monitor (IEM), I have one dedicated for videographers that would like a backup final mix of the audio I record (I also do multitrack recording), but I also assign two stereo-linked channels for my main speakers.

Matrix Is About Control

Ok this Matrix may not be about turning the human race into a battery, but this is about control. Control to manage or or all your aux channels as a single cohesive unit on a single mixer strip.


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