DJ Lou’s Virtual DJ Tools for macOS


These are a set of tools that I use for all my events to help me speed up my process for preparing for weddings using VirtualDJ. This is made specifically for macOS.

To run these files, place them anywhere you can access (e.g. Desktop, external drive, etc) and click on them to launch what you want to do. macOS will first require you to allow the script to be launched (System Settings > Privacy & Security)

MakeWeddingFiles-VDJ creates a folder of the event name with empty m3u files for each stage of an event including Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner, Dance, and the like. It also creates an order file so VirtualDJ knows how to sort them properly. Note with VirtualDJ 2024 you will need to browse to Users > Your User Directory > Library > Application Support > VirtualDJ > Playlists and favorite any folder you’d like to see displayed on the left menu after this script is created.

MakePlaylistsToExternal-VDJ allows you to point to the base folder in your playlist directory that you would like copied to an external drive. This will create a folder along with subfolders of all your m3u playlists so it mimics what is in VirtualDJ, and populate all music files to those drives. This is useful for an emergency backup copy to a USB drive or other storage device.