In Ear Monitors (IEMs) For Remote Broadcasting For DJs

IEMs To Broadcast Sound Remotely

Mobile DJs have a few options for remote transmission to speakers. Let's look at a couple and find out why IEMs are the best solution. 

2019 Video Gear Rewind

Paris Creative Video Gear Rewind 2019

There are a ton of ways to capture your events, your studio shots, and don't forget audio. Let's go over what I tested out in 2019 and what is the best.

Serato vs VDJ - Battle of the Features

The Serato vs. Virtual DJ Mega-thread.

There has been a lot of talk about Virtual DJ as of late. If you are on Serato, should you take the time to look at it? Let's talk about Serato vs. Virtual DJ.

Maui 5 Go - First Impressions

Maui 5 Go Review (A Year Out)

The world of DJing has had some big improvements in speaker options as of late, one of those being battery-powered speakers. Do the Maui 5 Gos impress?

The Soundcraft Ui24R for Mobile DJs

Soundcraft Ui24R Review For Mobile DJs

I have been eyeballing the Soundcraft Ui24R since day one. A complete restructuring of the components plus added features, it became a compelling option.

Phase DJ

Is Phase DJ Worth The Hype?

The Phase DJ DVS system took some time to get here. Was it worth the wait and some of the stress? The short of it is... mostly.

Dockcase P1 USB-C Hub Review

Review: DockCase P1 USB-C Hub

In short, this hub delivers on everything I was looking for. Size, performance, connections, and quality build to boot.

Time To Re-Rip Your CD Collection Lossless

Go Lossless Audio Because…

If you are DJ that has been around there is a good chance that you could older mp3's that are ripped from 64-256kbps. So it's time to speed up the process.

DJs and Music Copyright

DJs and Copyright. A Primer.

Year after year I see a lot of confusion around copyright and how it applies to DJs. Let's try to clear the fog on this highly contentious topic.

Backup and Redundancy In Your Rig

Backup And Redundancy In Your Rig

"With great power comes great responsibility." It's the power to make or break a moment. Time to understand the power of redundancy in your DJ setup.

Ape Labs Maxi Review

The Ape Labs Ape Light Maxi Review

There are lots of uplights out on the market. But the Ape Labs Ape Light Maxi is a cut above the rest. Read on up what makes this uplight so damn good.

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