Marrying tech, marketing, and know-how

From New Businesses To Seasoned Professionals

You may feel overwhelmed. It could be that you are starting a new endeavor as an Event Professional, be it a DJ, Photographer, Videographer or more. Maybe you’ve been in the industry for 25 years and are looking for a fresh perspective on your business. The bottom line is that you are looking to help out your business in ways you’ve not considered in the past, or you don’t know where to start on some new ideas.

This is where I am here to help. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in many fields of business, have had numerous paths in my career, have been at the bleeding edge of new tech while never forgetting the fundamentals of what makes an indivudual, small, or even large business tick.


Earning Your Trust

My utmost goal is to earn your trust to help guide your choices in improving your business


Intimate Understanding

Dive into all aspects of your business, services, and all the nooks and crannies to understand it all


Plans Of Action

Devise a strategy to get those new ideas and concepts into your everyday with minimal disruption


With 35+ years as a DJ, 27+ years as a IT professional, 10+ years running my solo Mobile DJ operation in a competitive market, I have a wealth of knowledge that will help us to find what is ticking and what needs some fine tuning.


Your brand is your image, your persona, your IT factor. It is an important link from the style you write in to the colors that people percieve. 

Sites, SEO, & PPC

Your website is your critical funnel to help you to your next step, a meeting with your clients. Let’s define the look and feel and tighten up your organic search results and smart Ad campaigns.

Tech Assistance

There is no denying just how integral technology is for the event professional. From DJ controllers, to capturing critical audio, frequency management, and so much more.

Event Management

Organization will set you free, and that is clearly important with managing your events. There is a lot to learn using great tools like cue to maximize your leads, events, and business.

Music Management

For some DJs managing music can be an absolute nightmare. What genre does this belong? Is this a floor filler? There is a light at the end of the tunnel even your tags are a hot mess.

...and More

Financials, Video Editing, Time Management, Transportation Choices; there are so many topics that we can cover to get you on track.