The Ultimate Guide to a Wedding DJ Setup

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The Wedding DJ Setup Through My Eyes

This kind of blog post and video I started some years back, with the last one being filmed in 2019. There has been a lot of changes, and some things that have stayed the same. This is how Paris Creative comes into events in 2022.

There are a lot of things to consider when building out your Mobile DJ rig. I know personally since I have tried out a whole lot of options from controllers to coffins to big rolling cases. My brain is constantly working overtime to find better ways to store, transport, and setup for weddings. Through all the concepts, all the purchases, through all the doubting and reassurances; I have been most satisfied with keeping things modular, pre-wired, and ready to setup and strike as quickly as possible.

This blog post is a summarization of all the equipment for the video above. Some items are no longer available from what I use so I’ve updated to a modern equivalent in the video (noted in each item). I’m putting this all in the order that you see in the video (or should see if I accidentally skipped over something).

Camera On-A-Stick

The advantage to having this particular setup is I can record in 4K so I can crop to my heart’s content, I have an unlimited recording time, it’s very lightweight, and it has great low-light performance. And after trying a number of cameras in 2019, while I could get even better performance out of something like the ZV-10 or the a6600. it just adds bulk and complexity to the setup. Keeping it simple is the way to go.

I used to do GigLogs but the time to edit was very burdensome. I do still use this to cut up Instagram, TikTok, and other videos. It’s very versatile.



I have gone back and forth on debating on a trailer, but now after a few trips I am very very happy with the choice. I may not be happy with the current pricing of things in 2022 but it is what it is. I selected a 5×8′ trailer one because of the maximum width I could accommodate in my driveway but also a 5×10′ would have taken months to come in. You can see my video on the breakdown of this.



And while I am certainly not happy with 2022 prices in the car market, the whole reason for the trailer was that I couldn’t find a suitable replacement for my 2011 Town & Country minivan that was just getting past it’s life. So I sucked it up and leased a 2022 Honda Passport. I am actually very happy with the car, just not the price. It also took over 2 months to get the proper towing parts for it.


A quick note on security. Security is always a deterrent and never some guarantee. So just remember that you are trying to combat theft at different levels. If a thief really wanted to steal stuff from the trailer there are ways to avoid locks and all. But that being said it’s ideal to deter people from stealing as much as possible.

I decided on Proven Industries puck locks. They are difficult to pick, the are durable but light, and overall seem to be the best of the best right now.


I’ve invested in two battery solutions that helps me manage a combination of remote power needs and to condition and plan for interruptions. They are still going very strong.


The “Digital Box” + Accessories

For many years now I have ran a combination of a digital mixer, Mics, and IEM and this year is no different. I have made a change up in cases, now opting for a 10U Gator rolling case for my ceremony and reception boxes so it allows me for better cable management and an overall cleaner look. Is it perfect? No. Every solution has a tradeoff. But I am pretty happy with the overall outcomes. All my wireless kit accessories are stored in a T-Stak toolbox system.

The Digital Box(es) for 2022


I am still rocking the Muver6/AMG 750 and still loving it. Zero turn radius, solid, just works well. While I don’t have to collapse it anymore inside of the trailer it’s still good to know it can be done if needed.

  • Cart: Muver 6 / AMG 750: $400
Muver 6 Cart

Primary Speakers

My weapon of choice continues to be the EV Evolve 50 column arrays. These still work in almost every scenario I perform at. And when it’s needed I add a EKX15SP sub for a little additional umph.

EV Evolve 50s

Secondary/Reinforcement Speakers

For my ceremony, cocktail, and dinner fills I have a trio of Maui 5 Gos that are perfect for my applications. Now take a note that the Maui 5 Gos now only come with a smaller battery option. Apparently LD Systems were getting hit hard with shipping costs with the total mAh of the original batteries. I now have the “100” version of this as my third speaker.

Maui 5 Go

The Two Rigs

I spent many moons contemplating building my own rolling rig, and kept on stalling to make it. I was so worried about the precision needed to make sure everything fell into place properly. But lucky for me the Toadmatic Performancematic 43″ exists and it’s the perfect fit for my needs. It was small enough to even fit in my Town and Country, and of course has found a home in the new trailer.


And let’s not forget that I also have the DIY booth at my disposal. Now I don’t use it nearly as much but it still is at the ready whenever I do need it, be it a difficult load in with something like stairs. Yes it would cost more to build now in 2022 than I did early on in 2021 when prices of lumber were just starting to rise. But it’s still a great investment and a unique asset in my arsenal.

  • Rig: The DIY Booth: $500-750 (today’s prices)
DIY Booth

Keeping the Vinyl Feel

When the Rane One came out I was ecstatic and had to jump right on it and did an extensive review of it. And now that I have had it for some time, and even own a second unit, it’s safe to say that this thing is built like a tank.


I’ve been running 2018 Intel MBP for my gig laptop for some years now and it’s going strong. However I’d like to switch fully to the M1 MBP but inventory and supply chain issues are preventing me to do that. So for now that remains my primary gig where my daily laptop is reserved as my backup gig laptop.

MacBook Pro


Some years back I was relying on internal storage and managing a lean library of music with that while also managing a much larger external drive of songs. I got a bit tired of the micromanagement and after 86ing a bunch of older inferior rips of music over the years, re-ripping my entire CD collection to lossless, and some more management, I keep everything now on these SSDs. I also used symlinks in MacOS (you can do this in Windows as well) to store all my VDJ and Serato files on the external drive. So everything is always in sync on the drives.

SanDisk SSD


Virtually every single cable I have is a custom made cable from NFLX. With their beyond lifetime warranty and focus on craftsmanship and quality, honestly, I would not trust anyone else.

1.21 Gigawatts!


There is always the need to store all the loose things. Laptops, headphones, business cards, and the like. And for the past few years I have been very satisfied with the JetPack Remix.


I’ve simplified my lighting offerings to straight up uplighting options with my ApeLabs Maxis. I wanted something with the same feel and consistency of my offerings and the Maxis truly feel like a premium product.

ApeLabs Maxi


So what does this do in the end? It allows me for super quick setup times and strikes. It helps to keep a uniform design so you always know what to expect. It allows me to swap out pieces as needed for repair. It allows me just a massive peace of mind and confidence in my services I offer.


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