Meta Verified? Is It Worth It?

Jul 17, 2023 | Marketing

The Blue Check. Why Event Think Of Meta Verified?

In an age where information and your social footprint becomes ever more important for your marketing, the need for trust and authenticity has become more critical than ever before. With the rapid evolution of technology, the prevalence of misinformation and fake content has grown exponentially, casting a shadow of doubt over what is real, and what isn’t. And while the thought of paying for anything to the riches that is Zuckerberg sounds like sacrilege, there is some salient arguments to consider here.

Meta Verification: Empowering Trust in the Digital Age

Meta Verification aims to establish the authenticity and reliability of your content, ultimately enhancing trust in the information ecosystem. In addition it forces additional layers of security (if you haven’t already enabled) so the likelihood of your account being compromised is diminished considerably.

In short, the content is trustworthy because you have given Meta your personal information and contacts. In turn you gain advantages in their algorithm because you are trusted. So in theory, and by some personal accounts, people with verified accounts get more visibility.

Also, if somehow you need the support, being verified allows you access to real support. This is something of an enigma to those that have had their accounts compromised before, having only your peers to really talk to.

The Meta Verified “Really, This Is What Else You Get”

Well, you get “exclusive features” like stickers and stars. Um… ok then. Woot?

Different Costs On Different Platforms

Something to note, if you verify through Facebook on the web the subscription costs is $11.99 USD/mo while if you verify Instagram or Facebook through the iOS and Android app it will cost $14.99 USD/mo. It’s also a bit of a pain that Meta does not simply allow for a master account to have all the child account and pages fall under the same verification. But hey, late stage capitalism, they are going to maximize every dollar they can get.


Is Meta Verified worth it? It’s not a binary question, and it’s far from a slam dunk. It’s not cheap, especially when you start to think that you have to manage both your FB and IG accounts as separate cost entities. However this is quickly becoming the cost of doing business, and if you are an influencer of any kind, or concerned about your accounts getting compromised, this gives you a path to keep that secured and have some ancillary benefits as well.

It’s enough of a reason that I have chosen to get verified.

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