Cablephyle Bag: Long Term Review

Jan 11, 2018 | Gear | 0 comments

I must have gone through a dozen ways to try to transport cables and other miscellaneous items to different parts of an event. Be it an out of the way ceremony site or to the primary reception location. Eventually, I stumbled upon this back from CablePhyle and saw that the reviews were pretty decent.

Now the CablePhyle bag is not an inexpensive bag. At around $100 some people may balk at the price. For OCD-level organizers like myself, I felt they were worth the entry price. I decided to get a pair of bags, one for ceremony and the other for reception.

After owning these cases for a year now I am generally pleased. You can fit a surprising amount inside But this leads into the first negative of the bag:

  • Given its size it promotes this idea to carry a lot in it, and when you do it’s starting to get a bit on the heavy side, for me coming in just a hair under 30 lbs. Now that is not some massively weighty item, but it’s not the lightest thing in the world.
  • The second negative is the construction of the zipper. While none of the teeth have broken, it does occasionally snags and I just wish it had a more fluid action, especially for the price.
  • Lastly, the straps on the bag tend to twist and bunch up, making it a little unruly at times. Even the handle area tends to bunch making it a little uncomfortable to carry. It certainly would be nice if this bag has some wheels on it.


All that being said, even with the negatives, I still recommend this bag if you are looking to be highly organized. Even though its faults, and the lack of many options in the market, this does do the job pretty well.

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