Backup and Redundancy In Your Rig

Backup And Redundancy In Your Rig

"With great power comes great responsibility." It's the power to make or break a moment. Time to understand the power of redundancy in your DJ setup.

The Problem With 2.4GHz

"But my 2.4GHz mics work just fine" or "I'm interested in these microphones" and they turn out to be something in the 2.4GHz spectrum. But let's dive into the science on why one should avoid it.

The Best DJ Headphones

The Best DJ Headphones (For Me)

When my trusted Denon headphones broke I was left wondering what was going to be the best new choice for me. So you know what that means, it's a DJ headphones showdown to fin the best DJ headphones for me.

How I Mix At A Wedding

How I Mix At A Wedding

Some wedding DJs don't mix, and that is a shame because it can truly elevate the client's experience. Let's talk about how I mix at a wedding.

Why Meta Verified?

Meta Verified? Is It Worth It?

Meta Verified. Is it simply a cash cow for Zuckerberg or is there real value in the blue check? As always it depends, but it could be yes for you.

The Ceremony Battery Guide

The Ultimate Ceremony Battery Guide

Lacking power. Sometimes a ceremony battery it's the only thing between delivering ceremony services and not being able to do it at all. But batteries come and go and there are some good choices to make, and some that are less so.

AlphaTheta/PioneerDJ Acquires Serato

AlphaTheta (PioneerDJ) acquires Serato

Well I gotta say I did not have this on my bingo card where the parent company of PioneerDJ, AlphaTheta, has bought Serato. Now there is limited info about this right now but the speculation is rampant.

Long Distance IEM

Long Distance IEM. How Far Will It Go?

I have talked extensively about my In Ear Monitors (IEMs) and how they have served me well for my weddings. But where are the fringes of where it can go? When you introduce obstacles what can you expect? Let's dive into this a bit more.

The DIY "Big Wheel" 80/20 Ceremony Cart

DIY “Big Wheel” 8020 Ceremony Cart

I needed something unique for my ceremony system. I've turned to 80/20 profile material to create a sound cart that has some soul from pro-audio carts.

How I Integrate Crate Hackers Into My Workflow

How I Integrate Crate Hackers…

Crate Hackers is a truly remarkable tool to aid in music discovery, library augmentation, and making robust playlists/crates for your sets.

Investing In A DJ Trailer

I Finally Invest In A DJ Trailer

After nearly 10 years in the Wedding DJ Industry I finally take the plunge and get a DJ Trailer. Check out this 2023 Pace 5x8 V-Nose.

SSDs For Your Music

A bit has changed since my last video I made on my SandDisk SSD that has served me very well. Let's dive what is on the market now!

Energizer LiFePO4 Power Station

The Energizer PPS240W1 Review

Let's see how well this small and lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) power station from Energizer holds up against powering up my ceremony rig.

the DIY Modular DJ Booth

The DIY Modular DJ Booth

What does one do when the crop of exceptional DJ booths that are out there not quite fit the build? You DIY your booth.

Website Concepts, Etc.

Website concepts, design, SEO, strategies, and more.

I am consistently asked about how I came up with my website designs, how some of my content ranks well, how to leverage SEO and other things to make the most of your website. It's time for the real deep dive.

Collect Your Reviews

Collect Your Reviews

Reviews are important, but sites like Wedding Wire or The Knot should not be the only destination for these gems of marketing.

The Reloop Elite Mixer Review

The Reloop Elite Review

I've been looking for a new 2-channel battle mixer. Does the Reloop Elite compete in an ever-crowded market?

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